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Science behind BeethoSOL Alkaline Healthy-Water

Importance of Water in
Human Body

Human Body is more than 70% water. It can be safe to say that human body is water. The essential functions that water performs in the body are -

  • Controlling the body's temperature
  • Providing moisture to the vital organs, senses and tissues keeping them moist and healthy
  • Carrying vital nutrients and oxygen to all body parts
  • Lubricating the body's joints
  • Helping in the clearing of body's waste products
  • Dissolving minerals and nutrients so that they can reach all the parts in the body and get absorbed

Since the body loses water through its normal daily activities, water needs to be replenished in the body

The Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) of BeethoSOL Alkaline Healthy-Water

Free and active Oxygen in the body is bad for the overall health of the body. These free Oxygen radicals can lead to oxidation of vital tissues. This can bring about serious diseases in the vital organs of the body as shown below.

Oxidation in Liver Leads to

Hepatitis, Cirrosis, Cancer

Oxidation in Kidney Leads to

Nephritis, Nephrosis, Cancer

Oxidation in Pancreas Leads to

Pancreatitis, Diabetes, Cancer

Hence the Oxygen Reduction Potential (ORP) of the human body is crucial and important.

BeethoSOL Alkaline Healthy-Water performs as an efficient Antioxidant because of its high Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) which goes up to -850 mv.

A Deadly Cycle of Active Oxygen Generation in the
Human Body

Normal body metabolism generates substances and chemicals like - Hydrogen sulfide, Ammonia, Histamines, Indoles, Phenols, and Scatoles. these end products (or waste products) of body metabolism are pathogenic, which means they are harmful to the human body and may cause diseases in the body.

Some known damages that these pathogenic waste products can cause in the body are - Hydrogen sulfide and ammonia are tissue damaging toxins which can affect the liver. Histamines lead to diseases like atopic dermatitis, urticaria (hives) and asthma. Indoles and phenols are considered carcinogenic, which can cause cancer.

The human body has a natural defense mechanism protecting the body against these toxic, pathogenic waste products. The body produces and releases neutrophils (a kind of white blood cells, WBC). Neutrophils are, by nature, phagocytic; they engulf bacteria and other microorganisms and microscopic particles. Phagocytic neutrophils remove the pathogenic waste products.

But neutrophils produce active oxygen to oxidize and neutralize the pathogenic waste products. This leads to additional free oxygen radicals in the human body. These free radicals oxidize and damage healthy body tissues.

BeethoSOL Alkaline Healthy-Water to the Rescue as an
Antioxidant Agent

We know of the health benefits of food sources rich in Antioxidants obtained through a balanced diet. There is no substitute for that. However, research has shown that these food sources are not able to offer free electrons to prevent the oxidation of healthy tissues in the body. BeethoSOL Alkaline Healthy-Water ensures a safe source of free electrons which negates the oxidation of healthy body tissue by free oxygen radicals. BeethoSOL Alkaline Healthy-Water is more suitable as a perfect Antioxidant because -

  • Oxygen Reduction Potential (ORP) of BeethoSOL Alkaline Healthy-Water can be maneuvered to extremely high and healthy values
  • The cluster molecular size and weight of BeethoSOL Alkaline Healthy-Water is low leading to their easy and speedy absorption in the body

Importance of the Alkalinity of BeethoSOL Alkaline

The Acidity or Alkalinity of a substance or body leads to various effects - harmful and good. It is mathematically measured by the pH level. A pH level of 7 is considered neutral. Below 7, the state is considered acidic. Above 7, the state is considered alkaline. Healthy blood is at a pH of 7.4. The human body excels when its pH is at a little above 7, which is considered an alkaline pH.

The human body tends to become Acidic over time caused by environmental factors including poor diet and lifestyle, making the body more susceptible to damage and disease.. The effects of an Acidic body constitution can be -

  • Fatigued and exhausted state
  • Lack of mental clarity and pessimism
  • Low on stamina
  • Frequent sicknesses and infections
  • Arthritis
  • Ailments like - diabetes, heart disease, blood pressure, immunity problems, respiratory problems and others
  • Oxidative Stress leading to more Acidity

On the other hand Alkaline tissues are healthy tissues behind a healthy body. BeethoSOL Alkaline Healthy-Water produces Alkaline Water with a pH of up to 11.5 and helps to build healthy tissues in the body.

In an Acidic body, BeethoSOL Alkaline Healthy-Water provides a safe, steady, sound and effective way to restore the healthy pH balance of the entire body and all parts and cells. The BeethoSOL Alkaline Healthy-Water also provides free electrons to act as super-Antioxidants.

Microclustered BeethoSOL Alkaline Healthy-Water

The ionization process of BeethoSOL Alkaline Healthy-Water leads to an excess amount of electrons (e-) and also reduction in the cluster size of Water (H2O) molecules. The cluster size reduces from 10 to 13 molecules per cluster to 5 - 6 molecules per cluster.

This is why BeethoSOL Alkaline Healthy-Water is speedily absorbed by the human body than other water. BeethoSOL Alkaline Healthy-Water quickly permeates to all parts of the body and blocks the oxidation of healthy human tissue molecules. BeethoSOL Alkaline Healthy-Water donates its surplus electrons to the oxygen radicals this preventing them from oxidizing and damaging the healthy body tissues. In organs like the liver and others, BeethoSOL Alkaline Healthy-Water quickly enters due to 2 reasons -its lower molecular weight and smaller cluster size. Coupled with its attractive ORP, BeethoSOL Alkaline Healthy-Water freely donates its passenger electrons to the vital organ tissues so that they are prevented from damage by the free oxygen radicals and stay healthy. Medical research points out that normal water is absorbed up to 15% in the body. However, alkaline ionized water (similar to BeethoSOL Alkaline Healthy-Water) is absorbed up to 95% in the body.

Science behind Common Human Diseases and the Cure &
Prevention by BeethoSOL Alkaline Healthy-Water


Diabetes is a serious health problem in India. According to the National Centre for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) there are 77 million adults in India who are suffering from diabetes. This figure will be 134 million by 2045. NCBI also says that the risk of developing diabetes among Indian adult males and females are 55.5% and 64.6% respectively. Among the 2 types of diabetes - Type 1 and Type 2, Type 2 is more common and prevalent.

The human body performs perfectly at a pH level of 7 or more. But as a person's age grows, due to changing diet and lifestyle and other environmental factors, the body becomes more Acidic. This leads to several health problems. The human body's main defense against Acidity is through the pancreas. But, over time, the performance of the pancreas goes down due to an overly acidic environment.

Type 2 diabetes is caused mainly by - increased body resistance to insulin absorption and reduced production of insulin in the body. The pancreas is responsible for producing insulin in the body. When the performance of the pancreas depletes, this lays the seed of uncontrolled diabetes.

BeethoSOL Alkaline Healthy-Water helps in controlling diabetes. There are medical studies and experiments that establish this fact. Some pointers -

  • BeethoSOL Alkaline Healthy-Water neutralizes the free radicals in the body and reduce oxidative stress. This also allows the pancreas to perform properly and enhances the insulin production in the body
  • BeethoSOL Alkaline Healthy-Water causes reduction in the oxidative stress which reduces the body's resistance to insulin absorption
  • PubMed PMID# 16945392 research and experiment points out that when alkaline ionized water (similar to BeethoSOL Alkaline Healthy-Water) is used in animal subjects, improved glucose tolerance and reduced glucose levels were notes
  • PubMed PMID# 19003114 research and experiment points out that when alkaline ionized water (similar to BeethoSOL Alkaline Healthy-Water) is used it reduced the damage to the beta cells of the pancreas, enhanced insulin secretion 2-4 times, and increased insulin sensitivity by 2-3.5 times
  • PubMed PMID# 16428818 medical study points out that when alkaline ionized water (similar to BeethoSOL Alkaline Healthy-Water) is used on subject animals over a 12-week period and the animal displayed much less glucose levels and lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels compared to the group given normal water

According to the National Cancer Registry Programme Report 2020 there are 13.9 Lakh cancer patients now in India. This figure will go up to 15.6 Lakhs by 2025. There are common treatments for cancer depending on the type of cancer and the affected organ. Some prevalent treatments are - surgery; chemotherapy; radiation; bone marrow transplant; immunotherapy; hormone therapy; targeted drug therapy; cryoablation; radiofrequency ablation; clinical trials; and others. Some important pointers regarding correlation between alkaline ionized water (like BeethoSOL Alkaline Healthy-Water) and cancer are as below -

  • Over the last few decades medical study has been able to establish connections between cancer and factors like oxidative stress. This stress is caused by free radicals in the body which damage cells and tissues and cause inflammation. These inflammations become chronic as they try to survive and ultimately lead to cancer. This was published in PubMed PMCID# PMC2990475
  • BeethoSOL Alkaline Healthy-Water neutralizes free radicals in the body, reducing oxidative stress which causes less inflammation and subsequently lesser risk of cancer
  • BeethoSOL Alkaline Healthy-Water creates an Alkaline environment in the body. Cancer cells thrive in an Acidic environment and cannot survive in an Alkaline environment. So drinking BeethoSOL Alkaline Healthy-Water can effectively fight cancer
  • Medical studies published in PubMed PMID# 19202298 showed that when cancer cells were treated with alkaline ionized water (like BeethoSOL Alkaline Healthy-Water), there was an inhibitory effect on the lifespan of these cells compared to untreated cells
  • Other medical studies have shown that cancer cells when treated with alkaline ionized water (like BeethoSOL Alkaline Healthy-Water) results in cancer inhibition and increased survival
Kidney Disease

National Centre for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) estimates that the prevalence of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) in India ranges from <1% to 13% in various parts of the country. This is quite high, given the population of India.

Sustained and untreated CKD can eventually lead to complete kidney or renal failure. As Kidneys stop performing there is an accumulation of wastes and toxics in the body which have to be removed by external filters. This process is called hemodialysis.

Some important pointers regarding correlation between alkaline ionized water (like BeethoSOL Alkaline Healthy-Water) and kidney disease are as below -

  • Hemodialysis causes increased free radicals in the body and decreased antioxidant ability. A scientific medical study by Kidney International found that treatment with alkaline ionized water (like BeethoSOL Alkaline Healthy-Water) could have potential benefits in preventing and treating this damage
  • In the treatment phase alkaline ionized water (like BeethoSOL Alkaline Healthy-Water) protected red blood cells better than in other treatments and had no adverse side effects
  • When body kidneys are not working properly there is an increased production of acid in the body causing a medical condition named Metabolic Acidosis. BeethoSOL Alkaline Healthy-Water shows potential benefits for the treatment of metabolic acidosis
  • Medical study (PubMed PMID# 19527469) proves the potential of alkaline ionized water (like BeethoSOL Alkaline Healthy-Water) in the treatment of metabolic acidosis
  • In addition there are several medical work showing that continuous use of alkaline ionized water (like BeethoSOL Alkaline Healthy-Water) as the preferred drinking water raises the pH level of the body to an alkaline state with several good health impacts including (but not limited to) a healthy kidney
Oxidative Stress

Oxidative stress occurs in bodies when the free radicals in the body are left un-neutralized and they attack the healthy molecules in the body this damaging them. Some important pointers regarding correlation between alkaline ionized water (like BeethoSOL Alkaline Healthy-Water) and oxidative stress are as below -

  • Oxidative stress is behind deadly diseases like heart attacks, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, cancer, autism, chronic fatigue and others. It was first hypothesized 1950 by Danham Harman who formulated the free-radical theory of aging (FRTA) which establishes how free radicals damage healthy cells setting in aging and disease
  • Medical Research on the use of popular Antioxidants in the market are inconclusive and have, in some cases, caused damage
  • Alkaline ionized water (like BeethoSOL Alkaline Healthy-Water) is known to neutralize free radicals throughout the body before they can oxidize and damage healthy cells thus acting as a good buffer against the cause of oxidative stress
  • Medical studies (PubMed PMID# 19887722) show that alkaline ionized water (like BeethoSOL Alkaline Healthy-Water) was - very effective in preventing oxidative stress; increased cellular resistance; enhanced the performance of Antioxidants like Vitamin C; rduced alcohol-induced hangover; and highly optimized blood-alcohol concentration
  • Several medical studies point to the power of alkaline ionized water (like BeethoSOL Alkaline Healthy-Water) as a super-healthy Antioxidant which is without any bad side effects and substantially reduces the Acidity of the body and makes it more healthy

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