BeethoSOL SM-S112TL

Alkaline Ionized Water, a good living water ionizer with
3.2 inch TFT LCD Display

  • DARC System - Automatic change of flow path
  • 3.2 inch TFT LCD Display
  • All-in-one type of water supply valve
  • 9 plate (Platinized Titanium)

9P Platinum


3.2’’ TFT Touchscreen

Automatic Cleaning System/DARC

Double Automatic Reverse Cleaning System Sol Valve

The DARC system is an automatic cleaning device which completely removes the calcium build-up from the water
ionizer chamber and electrode which acts to extended the life of the chamber itself

Alkaline Water Ionizer BeethoSOL SM-S112TL

3.2’’ TFT LCD

It is designed to generate ionized water range at stage from 1 through 4 by manipulating buttons
in the control panel in the front side

alkaline water ionizer machines

High Performance Filter

High Performance NSF Filter

water ionizer and alkaline water machine

High Performance NUF Filter

water purifier alkaline ionizer

Product Sepecifications

BeethoSOL SM-S112TL

9 Plates
One Touch Automatic Start
27.0cm X 38.3cm X 13.5cm
4.0pH - 10.0pH (no added chemicals)
TFT LCD Screen
Solid State Hybrid Titanium Plates Coated Double layered Platinum
Alkaline (5 levels) / Filtered / Acidic (4 Levels)
AC 100V - 240, 50Hz/60Hz
Continuous Electrolysis
Power Consumption 380 VA (Max.)
Power Supply (SMPS)
Gross Weight 5.7 Kg
Dual Filter & Activated Carbon
Anti-Scaling Properties
Filter Life Indicator
Auto Cleaning Mode (Plates)
Max. Water Pressure 0.7-4.5kgf/cm2
Water Temperature 5°C - 30°C
Solenoid Valve
Under Sink Unit
100% Stainless Steel
ISO-13485: 2016; ISO-14001:2015; ISO-9001:2015 CE: SPCZ1C55Z4; WQA: TUV: KFDA; NSF CERTIFIED

BeethoSOL Alkaline Water Benefits

best ionized alkaline water machine

Improves Cellular Hydration

ionizer water purifier

Improves Stomach Function and
Prevents Intestine Ailments

water alkalizer ionizer

Helps Weight Loss

Good for Bone Health

Helps Prevent Aging

best ionized alkaline water machines

Rich in Minerals!
Quickly absorbed!

BeethoSOL will be with you for the health of
your beloved family.

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