BeethoSOL IO-600U

Faucet Under Sink

  • DARC System - Automatic change of flow path (6 Overseas Patents)
  • 2.8” LCD Touch Panel Display
  • Exact calculation of filter durability with Flux control.
  • Extended range of pH selection and control.
  • Solenoid Type + 9P water cell

Change the concept of under sink water ionizer

Both functions of water purifier and an ionizer are
available in the space of a faucet.

2.8’’ LCD Touch Type

The touch control panel is the integral part of BeethoSOL’s advanced technology. Simple design focused on user’s convenience

Under Sink Style

The space of current ionizer should be minimised in the kitchen. Only Faucet can be installed on the skin. Simplicity is done.

Solenoid Type +9P water cell

Solenoid type (DARC system) technology with the patent in 6 countries worldwide. Water cell in order to make the best alkaline water with 5 electrode plates.

Genuine certificate High performance filter (option)

The high performance and complex filter by the filtering from harmful substance of raw water. It is made by various materials according to the seller and user.


degree rotation

Designed to rotate the iconic water outlet in two directions at 90 degrees each. Maximise ease of use.

Drink Ionized water easily with the
touch of a button

Automatic Cleaning System/DARC

Double Automatic Reverse Cleaning System Sol Valve

The DARC system is an automatic cleaning device which completely removes the calcium build-up from the water
ionizer chamber and electrode which acts to extended the life of the chamber itself

Product Sepecifications

BeethoSOL IO-600U

BeethoSOL Alkaline Water Benefits

best ionized alkaline water machine

Improves Cellular Hydration

ionizer water purifier

Improves Stomach Function and
Prevents Intestine Ailments

water alkalizer ionizer

Helps Weight Loss

Good for Bone Health

Helps Prevent Aging

Rich in Minerals!
Quickly absorbed!

BeethoSOL will be with you for the health of
your beloved family.

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