BeethoSOL Brand

BeethoSOL Consumer Durables and Ionized Healthy-Water machines are the flagship products from the house of Gangnam Street Retail LLP.

BeethoSOL Ionized Healthy Water machines have already been launched in India. It is selling briskly and is installed in apex medical institutions in the country.

Gangnam Street-The Name

Gangnam is an iconic and ritzy neighborhood with a street located in Seoul, south of the city's famous Han River.

Gangnam, the epitome of PSY's (Park Jae-sang) smash hit 'Gangnam Style' has become a fashion street and style trend of global repute.

The fashion street, resembling the Champs Elysees in France, is flooded with the spirit of fashion and sophistication of famous fashions designers from across the world.

As a trend-setting high-street district for the world of fashion, it has received the spotlight as a rising hot spot for fashion and style.

Gangnam is known as one of the richest districts in South Korea and is home to many exclusive department stores, underground shopping centers, and malls. The street, buoyed by PSY's iconic song, made Gangnam Style internationally popular.

Gangnam Style goes above and beyond the glitzy glamorous Gangnam Street neighborhood and imbibes a magical thriving lifestyle which never disappoints.

Product Design Philosophy

Gangnam Street products are designed exclusively in South Korea and Japan.

In its Korean Design Headquarters, Gangnam Street is always innovating, creating global competitive differentiation, ensuring unbeatable quality, incorporating the latest technologies in its products, and achieving cost optimization to deliver the best durable products to its global customers.

Quality is central to the design philosophy of Gangnam Street. The brand is focused on the customers' delight. Based on its high-tech technologies, Gangnam Street is leading the global market by expanding its range of products from white electronics such as refrigerator, washing machines and kitchen appliances to LED, and air conditioners. The company is creating an innovative global Number 1 product through continuous securing its Quality through differentiated Technology and Smart Sourcing.

Vision & Mission

Through the BeethoSOL brand the company wants to create high-quality, Korean-designed, technologically advanced electronic consumer durable products for the Indian market at highly competitive prices.

The Gangnam Street Group

The Gangnam Street Group is in the business for the last 20+ years. The Group has been the largest supplier of open-cell LEDs to the Indian market for the last 10+ years. It employs 450 people in its offices in 5 countries and runs business infrastructure in 12 countries. The Gangnam Street group has its own offices in India, South Korea, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, China, and Indonesia.

The Group has these business units (companies) -

The Gangnam Street Retail LLP

The Gangnam Street Retail LLP which deals in Consumer Durables; Beethosol brand Water Ionizers; and online retail portal. This company is headquartered in the NCR region of India.

EON Overseas Operations

EON has both a trading and manufacturing presence in China and Hong Kong. In trading EON deals in all kinds of electronic items, open-cell panels, electronics raw materials, completely built units (CBUs), semi-knocked down (SKD) units, and completely knocked down (CKD) units and other related items. EON also operates manufacturing units in China.

International LLP

EON-ON3 International LLP is fully focused on the exports and imports of various goods. The company deals in Air Conditioners, Home Appliances, LED TVs, miscellaneous Audio- Visual items, Marble, Granite and others. This company is registered in India.


EON-ON3 Marble owns and maintains mines in India and exports to global destinations like - China, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Australia, Indonesia, Brazil, Ivory Coast and others. This company is registered in India.

CREMO Netureal
Milk LLP

CREMO Netureal Milk LLP has high-capacity milk plants in Rajasthan, India and supplies to the government-owned National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) brands like Mother Dairy, Paayas, and Sakhi. This company is registered in India.

The Leadership Team

The Leadership Team of Gangnam Street has a deep collective professional experience in all relevant domains of the global consumer durable industry.

Gangnam's Leadership team has previously worked in companies like - LG, Samsung, Philips, Sharp, Sony, Daewoo, Hyundai, Thomson, Konka, and others. The team members have worked in India, China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, the Middle East, the USA and others.

The Leadership Team possesses domain experience in - product design, research, sourcing, branding, marketing, service and support, amd others.

True to its brand philosophy Gangnam Street has within its Leadership Team, a group dedicated to product design and planning. This group is based in South Korea and collaborates with Japan, Taiwan, China, India and Europe for component sourcing. This core group is the power behind Gangnam Street's design excellence and customer delight.